So You Want to Write a Torah?

Such a chance may NEVER come your way again!

Open to all Jews and their families.

Caring for our Torahs – Now and in the Future

What makes a Torah scroll alive is continuous use.  Not only does regular Torah reading enrich our lives by encouraging us to engage with our history, traditions and stories, but it keeps the physical scroll pliable and in contact with the ink.

At the beginning of this campaign, only two of our five Torah scrolls were Kosher and available to be read.  Sofer-on-Site’s skilled scribes worked at Temple Beth-El during September and November, 2019 to restore four of the scrolls to Kosher condition.  The oldest (250 years old!) is now at their workshop in Florida for special attention. 

The scroll and four others, each with its unique story, came to Temple Beth-El many years ago and have been read again and again on Shabbat, on holidays and at Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies. Between a century of use and the challenging environmental conditions in our sanctuary since the copper theft on the roof, ​all five of our beautiful scrolls ​were in need of professional restoration. As of November 25, 2019, we had completed the restoration of four of the five.
You can help make it happen.  There were 20 letters of the Lithuanian scroll still left unfinished by the original scribe. ​Donors have underwritten seven of the letters thus far.  YOU can write one of the remaining 12 letters under the supervision of a sofer in the Spring of 2020.
● For a donation of $2500, you can write one of the incomplete letters in the Lithuanian scroll.

● For donations of $3600, you may choose to dedicate (no writing on your part) the restoration of:

○ The Shema in one of the five scrolls (Five pledge opportunities)
○ Shirat haYam (The Song of the Sea) in the Lithuanian or the Czech scrolls. (Two pledge opportunities)
● For donations of $10,000 you may dedicate any book of the five scrolls.
Funds raised above and beyond the cost of restoration and 5 years of maintenance will be passed on to the Kadimah! Capital Campaign to fund the renovation of the building.

Pledges are being taken now!

Questions or suggestions?  Write  We will get right back to you.


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