Prepare for the High Holy Days with Selichot 
Saturday, September 21, 6:30 pm
Selichot Film, Discussion & Ceremony
Join us for the program, music and prayers that usher in the Yamim Nora’im:
*Havdalah, Desert Nosh & Popcorn
*Film: Crimes And Misdemeanors, by Woody Allen
*Discussion led by Rabbis Steven Kushner and Leana Moritt
*Selichot prayers and the installation ceremony of our white High Holy Day Torah mantles

Crimes and Misdemeanors is a film that challenges on many levels as we prepare for the High Holy Days. The film asks us to examine our actions and the consequences of our reactions. When we are wrong, do we run in fear to escape being found out? Do we look inward or do we project blame? Using murder as the metaphoric template, it asks us how we should live with our conscience. Who sees us and how…and through whose eyes and vision?

Doubly provocative is that we will watch this film through the lens of what we now know about filmmaker Woody Allen’s life and the accusations against his past conduct. Another question worth exploring for the High Holy Days is: how can we or should we separate the sin from the sinner? When great works of art or scientific research are created by imperfect people who behave badly, what should be done with their creative work?

A donation of tzedakah to survivors of sexual violence and abuse will be made on the occasion of this viewing.

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