“When I learned that Shabbat is the holiest of holy days I realized why I was so drawn to Temple Beth El every Friday night–the entire service speaks to me, the blessings and joyful singing, the prayers for peace and gratitude, the sermons, the Torah readings, the blessings for the ill and the deceased.”

Lari Schwartz


At Temple Beth-El our services have two purposes: to connect to the holy and to connect to each other. We come from many different backgrounds religiously and theologically.  Prayer allows us to access the inner and outer dimensions that some call God.  We do this through the poetry of the siddur (prayerbook), the melodies that lift the spirit, and the sense of connection to centuries of Jews who have been spiritual seekers.  

Whether you join us for a Friday evening service, an intimate Shabbat morning minyan, a festival celebration, or the majesty of the High Holy Days, we hope you will be refreshed and inspired.  

Those of other faiths are welcome at all our services.  As we are taught, “My House is a House of prayer for all people.”

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