Caring for our Torahs – Now and in the Future

What makes a Torah scroll alive is continuous use.  Not only does regular Torah reading enrich our lives by encouraging us to engage with our history, traditions and stories, but it keeps the physical scroll pliable and in contact with the ink.

At the beginning of this campaign, only two of our five Torah scrolls were Kosher and available to be read.  Sofer-on-Site’s skilled scribes have worked at Temple Beth-El during the first and third weeks of September to restore four of the scrolls to Kosher condition.  The oldest (250 years old!) is now at their workshop in Florida for special attention. 

Here is the plan:

1. Raise the funds ( and then some.)  This is where the honor and the learning comes in – and your chance to actually help finish writing a 130-year-old Torah. Read more>>>

2. Share our Blessings.  Five scrolls is an abundance of treasure, but there are newly-established Jewish congregations in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union which have no Torahs to read from.  With the help of the World Union for Progressive Judaism we will donate one of our restored scrolls to one of these congregations – perhaps sending it back to its homeland. Stay tuned  for details.

3. Teach these words which I command you this day… Make the care of our Torah scrolls part of the joy of life at Temple Beth-El.  

Where do you come in?  At every step of the way.  There are contribution levels available to everyone. If you are interested in helping with the logistics of getting our donated scroll to its new home – we need you.  If you are interested to help our clergy and others teach about our scrolls through interactive media – we need you.  If you want to help document the restoration process – we need you.  If you want to come up with your own job we haven’t thought of – we absolutely need you.

To raise your hand to help out or ask a question, please write to  We will get right back to you.











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