A Different Yizkor this Yom Kippur

We will all be grieving not being together in our beautiful building for the High Holy Days. While are working diligently to recreate as much of the service as possible virtually, we also have the opportunity to reimagine some of the services in a different way.

Yizkor is one of those opportunities. During the memorial service of Yizkor, we will be displaying a slide show of photographs of those we are remembering during a segment of that service, with a special segment reserved for those we have lost this year. This slide show shown during Yizkor will be in addition to our usual Yizkor book, so please also take this opportunity to make a donation of tzedakah in memory of your loved one. Please enter the information below to include your loved one in our Yizkor service or to make a donation in their memory.

As the participatory and welcoming temple we strive to be, your submitting your photo or name will mean a great deal to many of us as we face these extraordinary Holy Days. I hope you will accept this Yizkor invitation to remember your loved one.

We know this is not the way we imagined honoring or remembering your loved one this year of so many wretched loses. We hope this takes a small step toward Temple Beth-El’s helping to honor their lives and walking with you in remembrance during these challenging days.

Here is last year’s list of names, for your reference.


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