In response to the health threat posed by the Covid 19 virus, after many Board and Youth Education Committee discussions, we are implementing “distance learning” for our Religious School through the end of December, 2020.

[Zoom connection information available to parents via e-mail upon enrolling their child/children. ]


Who is eligible to attend? Any child whose family belongs to Temple Beth-El. For membership information contact, Temple Beth-El, 201-333-4229.

When are our classes? Our Religious School meets on Sundays. All classes are virtual through the end of December, 2020. Classes for Grades 2-7 meet from 9:30am-12:00 noon, and Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes will meet from 9:30-11:30 am. All grades have either art or music classes every Sunday. All students have Community Time led by Rabbi Moritt and Morah Marian, and parents are encouraged to attend the weekly gathering which is from 10:20-10:45am each Sunday. 

What is taught? The curriculum includes Jewish history, holidays, ethics & Jewish values, the Torah, as well as Hebrew reading skills and prayer. Family Education programs are also offered throughout the year. Our Rabbi, Education Director and others are the teachers here at our Religious School.

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Interactive learning makes our tradition come alive.

Passover-family-ed-5771Passover family education is one of several times during the year when parents join in school activities.

What is the role of the parent? Our virtual curriculum offers parents ample avenues for reinforcing what is taught in the classroom. We encourage parents to consistently  coach their children with Hebrew basics. We also ask parents’ participation in our Family Education programs and Family Services.

When is registration? Students normally register over the summer for September, but are welcome to join the program at any time during the year. Contact either Rabbi Moritt or Morah Marian Kleinman of Temple Beth-El in Jersey City at 201-333-4229. They are available to answer any questions or to provide further information.

May we visit your school prior to enrollment? Yes. Contact Rabbi Moritt or Morah Marian Kleinman to request more information.

What school supplies are recommended? Throughout the school year, we suggest that all students be prepared for our virtual Sunday morning activities and classes with the following supplies: pencils and pens, lined and unlined paper, construction paper or colored copy paper, crayons and markers, scissors, glue sticks, and tape. Having these on-hand and available every Sunday, before 9:30 am when our classes begin, enhances class activities.

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