Kadimah! The Capital Campaign to Renovate Temple Beth-El

In September, 2014, Temple Beth-El’s congregation voted overwhelmingly to stay on its present site, renovate the sanctuary to retain its stately beauty while modernizing to offer the next generations efficiency, accessibility and flexible use of the inspiring space.

In January, 2015, the congregation kicked off its capital campaign, Kadimah!  (which means “forward” in Hebrew).  Based  current design drawings and recent contractor preliminary estimates, the total project is expected to require approximately $4.2 million of which $1 million has been raised and used to accomplish the first phases of the work.

The campaign begins with pledges from our own congregation. Our target is 100% participation.  As of mid-2019, the campaign has received pledges of $1.4 million and has collected over $1 million.

The flat roof has been replaced as has the metal that was stolen from the walls that support the exterior tile dome in 2011, protecting the beautiful interior plaster dome from additional damage from the elements.

The lot has been cleared and the congregation is now ready to proceed with the interior renovation.

“Temple Beth-El – yesterday, today… and tomorrow. Our congregation has touched the lives and the hearts and souls of so many, while embodying the principles of Reform Judaism and a dynamic sense of community. By generously supporting the Kadimah! Campaign now, we can be assured that Beth-El will continue to be vital and meaningful – and that it will be there for all of us and for each of us – today and for future generations.”
– Irwin Rosen

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