In our Donors’ Words

What our donors are saying:

“Nathan and I moved to Jersey City in 1989, and “I immediately fell in love with Temple Beth-El. This is my spiritual home. The architectural style, influenced by the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, reminded me of my childhood synagogue in West Hartford. When it looked as if we might have to sell it, my heart was crying. The Kadimah! Campaign has been joyous for me. We are going to have a home that will support this growing community.” – Nancy Sambul
“We want to share with you the special thrill we experience walking through the darkened synagogue and viewing the fading sunlight through our stained-glass windows. What peace and joy to realize we are working together to save this majestic building in the memory of the past and with the dream of it becoming the heart of our Jewish communal life for generations to come.” – Shirley and Harvey Roter
“Our sanctuary is a magnificent space that inspires with its beauty and grandeur. With these renovations, we will honor the past while creating a more contemporary, efficient, and inviting facility to worship, study, and socialize. As Jersey City welcomes newcomers of all ages, Beth-El will be a magnet that brings people together. Our investment will ensure that our congregation thrives, continues to be welcoming to newcomers, and is able to meet the needs of our members and the larger community.” – Karen and Fred Schnur

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