Tikkun Olam: Social Action to Repair the World

We take seriously our obligation to be "fixers" of the world, promoting social justice. Our congregation is a founding member of Jersey City Together, an interfaith community organizing group founded in 2015 with a focus on homelessness, affordable housing, youth opportunities and public safety.  We are also involved in refugee resettlement, hunger issues, LGBT rights, interreligious understanding and protecting the earth.


Our congregation is one of 30 congregations that are forming Jersey City Together and many of our members have been active for over a year in this new community organizing effort.  

Click HERE>>> to read more about the Jersey City Together action coming up in April.


Year-Round Food Drive

When Rav Huna would eat a meal, he would open his door and say, “Whoever is in need, let that person come and eat.”  (Ta’anit 20b.)  Donating food for the food pantry is our way of opening our doors to the hungry. 

Although we collect many donations during our High Holiday Food Drive, our obligations to those in need do not end on Yom Kippur.  All of the food collected on Yom Kippur will be given out at food pantries by the end of October.  Who will make sure there is food available for those who need it in November, and December, and beyond?

 So many are in need.   Please help our temple community do its part so that no man, woman or child goes to bed hungry by adding these items to your shopping list each month.  You can drop them off any time in the food collection bin in the sanctuary.  (Of course, any items are welcome at any time.).

OCTOBER: Shelf-stable milk and cereal or oatmeal

NOVEMBER:       Canned fruit and vegetable

DECEMBER:        Hearty canned or boxed meals and soup

JANUARY:          Pasta and sauce (no glass, please)

FEBRUARY:        Canned meat and fish

MARCH:             Peanut butter and jelly

APRIL:               Macaroni and cheese

MAY:                  Baby formula, baby wipes, and diapers

JUNE:                 Canned fruit and vegetables

JULY:                 Juice (no glass, please)

AUGUST:            Peanut butter and jelly

SEPTEMBER:      Canned meat and fish


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